We Breathe Success

Member Notices is a leading marketing and advertising agency that delivers superior results. Everytime.

Member Notices was founded on the premise that few agencies deliver real results that truly impact their clients. Member Notices leverages its experience, available talent, information technology infrastructure and leading innovations to deliver a complete solution to businesses ranging across a diverse range of industries.

Member Notices is a registered DBA of Ophelos Marketing LLC, US Registered Address: 2464 Taylor Rd, Suite 117 Wildwood, MO 63040.
Registered DBA. Charter Number: X001265611

Opehlos Marketing Corporate Registration

We work with global clients on diverse projects spanning across a wide range of industries. We’ve worked with clients in sectors including retail, IT, construction and finance. Why? We’re the experts that deliver trusted solutions to every client, every time.

Thinking Innovation

We lead our industry through constant innovation. We continuously develop innovative solutions to drive your business forward.

Global Operation

Global experience is at the heart of our offering. We’ve worked with clients in each corner of the globe, experiences we leverage in each project.

We Deliver. We Care.

Our team genuinely care about delivering superior results each and every project. It’s no surprise that we don’t just care about your success, we drive it. Why? Your success is our success.